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Daily update -

Good afternoon,

Please see attached the latest briefing and associated attachments.  You will be pleased to know this doesn’t include reams of additional guidance, but does provide responses to the frequently asked questions we have been receiving over recent days and an update on provision of PPE. Attached with the FAQs is a checklist which has been developed with school leaders we hope is a useful aide to support your planning. 

We have had a numbers of questions about procurement of signage. We are just finalising an agreement with a supplier and hope to be able to share details tomorrow.

At the front of the checklist we make the point, that the priority is to maintain the health, safety and wellbeing of children, young people and staff.  I know from discussions with headteachers that many of you are already using this as a principle that underpins your planning and risk assessment for wider reopening and this is something that we would encourage.  Guidance will continue to evolve over the comings week and there will inevitably continue to be elements that are subjective or need to be contextualised.  As it does I think its important to recognise that you know your school, children and staff better than anyone and are best placed to interpret the DfE guidance in a way which ensures a focus on their safety and wellbeing.  Of course we are here to support, so if you want to discuss your thinking and plans please continue to liaise with your link co-ordinator and send any questions to COVIDSchoolenquiries@gloucestershire.gov.uk.

Kind regards

Charlotte Jones