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Payroll, Terms and Conditions - Online Payslips
Are you signed up for online payslips yet?
Did you know you can access your payslip online as part of GCC’s digital payroll service for schools?

Over 5,700 members of staff from 157 schools are already successfully accessing the benefits of online payslips. They can access payslips online via P.C’s, mobile and tablet devices - 24/7.

The charges for payroll services for the financial year 2018-19 are now available to view via the GCC plus website where you will be able to compare the cost of digital versus paper services.

In short, those schools which predominantly use e forms and online payslips will enjoy a discount of 46p per payslip, for every payslip, for every month. It quickly mounts up to a worthwhile saving.

The removal of many paper records, in and around school also assists in compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulations:-

"Online Payslips...Fast, effective and SECURE! With GDPR just around the corner, protecting an individual's personal information has never been more important, to prevent the risk of sensitive/ personal information falling into the wrong hands, we would advise your school to switch to our online payslip service"
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"New to my School" SBM Day - 20th September
02 Aug
Are you a new School's Business Manager? "YES" Then on the 20th September we've got an event for you. More information to follow........
Training Newsletter coming soon
18 Jul
From September, we will be trialing a new Training Newsletter. A regular newsletter that will let you know all the training events coming soon and relevant to you.
Introducing... The Store
17 Jul
We are very excited to announce that some great new improvements are coming to GCCPlus, the schools ordering system from Gloucestershire County Council, with the addition of ‘The Store’. What is the store? The Store is a complete reimagining of you, the customer’s, buying experience. Similar to many other e-commerce websites, there is a much greater emphasis on the products themselves and in best allowing you to see and understand the services you are buying. We think you are going to like what you see. What will the store look like? As a basic overview, we have created the a two-sided poster attached to this articles; for those viewing this in email form, click the article heading to go through to the online article. The poster features screenshots and explanations of some of the most prominent changes and additions. Please note, these screenshots were provided by our website supplier so they won’t exactly match the content or style we have with GCCPlus but are a good first visual. When will the store upgrade be happening? The upgrade will occur July 28th. This is the first time we will see the upgraded in it's entirety so we will be working hard to release information to you as soon as we can. What does this mean for you? For academy sites or schools in current buy-back, the look and feel of the system will be slightly different to what you are used to so you may want to consider buying your services before the upgrade happens. Please note Buy-back period for 2019-20 will close on September 20th. However, these changes are nothing to worry about and, in fact, something to get excited about! The changes will all be very comprehensive and if you have any experience with other e-commerce websites like Amazon you will quickly catch-on to the layout and flow of The Store. As well, we will be releasing during August & September, a whole suite of great content and guidance including our our new GCCPlus Brochure and new Guidance Videos for all things ‘The Store and more’. These videos will be ‘how to’ videos which will show you step by step how to navigate your way round the changes. And, as always, we will be on hand at GCCPlusSupport@Gloucestershire.gov.uk to answer any queries you may have. We hope you are excited about the new changes as we are and we thank you for your continued support!
SAVE THE DATE - The GCCPlus Education Conference will be taking place on the 11th & 12th February 2020
17 Jul
More details are to follow but this is the first announcement of when the event will be taking place so save those dates!
Academy buy-back - Changes are coming to GCCPlus, please make your purchases by July 28th
16 Jul
On July 28th, there will be significant updates to GCCPlus. We would highly recommend completing buy-back before the updates occur so you do not have to complete the buy-back on a system whilst no changes have occurred and you are fully comfortable on the system.